Getting Started

View the API Product Marketplace and Review Documentation

Get started by browsing to the API Products section of our portal for a tour of our available APIs. 

You can also start by viewing some of our technical documentation for our 3 Featured API products. Unlike all other products, this does not require you to login. 

Sign up and Activate your Account

Please hit the blue Login button at the top right corner. It will redirect you to a Login widget that includes a link to Sign Up. 

You can fill out the registration form, then proceed to activate your account through an email confirmation. 

Register an App

Browse to My Account > My Apps. Create a new app by entering the name and description of your app and select at least one API product. 

With a single app, you can select and bundle multiple API products to view documentation and get access to their APIs. 

Get API Keys

Each app is associated with an API key or consumer key. Use this API key to Get Access to the APIs.

Where the API product shows a status of  Enabled, this app API key will allow you to make API requests and receive responses. 

Where the API product shows a status of Disabled, this app API key will NOT allow you to make successful API calls. You can however view all technical documentation.

Copy and Paste your API key

From the app, copy your API key then browse to an API Product.

Select an API endpoint you would like to call.

Click Get Access and paste your API key to authorize. Once authorized, you can now start making successful calls to our APIs. 

Please note that if an API Product is Pending authorization, your calls will not be successful. 

Redeem a Promo Code

Redeeming a Promo Code is similar to creating an app. It will automatically create an app for you that will include authorized API Products with a status of Enabled. 

To do this, navigate to My Account > My Apps and click Enter Promo Code. Enter in a Promo Code supplied by Moody's, and hit submit. 

Promo code redemption


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Our Team is Here to Help

Please contact us with any questions related to API products or the use of our site.