API Introductions

Colby Lewis V

NEW YORK, June 06, 2019 – Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are logical structures that simplify the implementation of complex functionality. Well-designed APIs distance developers from specific and complex code, instead providing unified and simple syntax.

APIs can be understood like menus at a restaurant.

Selecting items on restaurant menu

A menu helps you communicate your desired meal to the kitchen, without your physical presence, or exact ingredients and recipe preparation. An API, along with its documentation, should inform and facilitate its users computational appetite.

In most cases, the application and program being interfaced communicate over the network. This allows application developers in all MA Lines of Businesses to utilize programs written by third parties or other LOB developers without configuring or installing them locally.


APIs can, for example:

  • Query proprietary databases

  • Translate content for multiple devices

  • Embed Moody's content on 3rd party sites

  • Host open source computation

See our APIs here.