About Accelerator

Colby Lewis V
Midtown Manhattan

NEW YORK, June 06, 2019 – Welcome to the Accelerator at Moody's Analytics. You've made your way to our apigee API hub, but before you go any further, here's some additional information about our team.

The Moody's Analytics Accelerator is recent (late 2018) addition to the larger Moody's Analytics family. Teams at Moody's Analytics are all committed to "helping customers make better, faster decisions," Mark Almeida, President of Moody’s Analytics, and the Accelerator is no exception.

The Accelerator team is the home of disciplined innovation in financial technology for Moody's Corporation. Via systematized partnerships with leading financial technology companies outside established markets, the Accelerator brings Moody's to the forefront of financial product development.

Working through the early stages of product development with each partner, the Accelerator is able to make hands on evaluations of up and coming technologies, and aid the integration of any valuable technologies across all Moody's LOB.

The rich data resources of Moody's Analytics empower the Accelerator to utilize technologies like machine learning and workflow automation to their fullest extent, expanding analytic offerings and their access for entire financial fields. Currently the Accelerator is focusing on Commercial Real Estate data an analytics.

“The Accelerator framework allows our team to be dedicated to bringing innovations to customers,” Keith Berry, Executive Director of the Accelerator. “Our vision is to help Moody’s Analytics customers navigate the evolving marketplace with confidence by using the technologies of tomorrow to solve the challenges of today.”